[PDF] Press Release - Annual Results 2017

26 avril 2018

[Press Release] Following a difficult year 2017 for protection and health insurance, Humanis paves the way for a return to firm financial footing

With a solvency ratio of 160%, Humanis Développement Solidaire clearly demonstrates financial soundness despite a net income for 2017 of -€298M, heavily affected by the strengthening of reserves.
The solvency ratio for Humanis Prévoyance, which reported a loss of €322M, remains above 150%, at 154% for end 2017.
The group swiftly enacted a series of voluntary measures to redress its financial course in the realm of personal insurance, paving the way for Humanis Prévoyance to regain its financial balance by 2020.
With its Plan Rebond 2018, the Group is launching a concerted drive aimed at growth and performance.

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